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Electric Car Charging Installation Oxford Electric Car Charging Installation Oxford Electric Car Charging Installation Oxford Electric Car Charging Installation Oxford Electric Car Charging Installation Oxford   Electric Car Charging Installation Oxford
Electric Car Charging Installation Oxford Electric Car Charging Installation Oxford
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Frequently Asked Questions
   Q. How long does it take to charge at home?
A. Charging your Electric Car at home is the most popular choice for EV owners and it's easy to see why - avoid queing at the petrol station and sleep at night assured you're car is fully charged in the morning.

The time it takes to charge your car rests on two elements: the capacity of your chosen car and battery, as well as the power output you have chosen for your home charging unit. Our EO Car Charging Points for example are available in 4 power options; 3.6kW, 7.2kW, 11kW and 22kW.

As a rough guide, the team here at Justin Bucknell Electrical have found a 3.6kW unit charges faster than a standard 13 amp socket and in comparison, a 7kW home charging unit is around 3 times faster.

For more advice, or to learn more about our range of home electrical car chargers, speak to our local experts.

    Q. Which plug type will I need?
A. If you are fortunate to have off-street parking at home, it only makes sense to have a dedicated home charger for your Electric Vehicle. Our electric home charging units are convenient and compact, making charging your electrical car as easy as possible.

When choosing your Electrical Car Charging point you will be asked which plug type you wish to have installed. Here at Justin Bucknell Electrical, our team commonly install three different types of plug, two of which are tethered and the other is a universal socket. Tethered units have their own cable built-in, which can be plugged directly into your car, however it is worth remembering that these tethered units are specific for the electrical car you own.

On the other hand our third option, the universal socket, can be used with any vehicle. The only change is that you will have to use your own car's charging cable to connect, which will be supplied upon purchase.

  Q. What does the government grant include?
A.Since October 2016 the government have introduced a grant scheme for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This has been introduced to support the wider use of electrical and hybrid vehicles via the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV).

Up to £500 can be granted towards the cost of installation, for eligible customers using an accredited supplier. Justin Bucknell Electrical are proud to be fully qualified and approved OLEV installers, working throughout Oxfordshire and based in Bicester. We'll sort out all of the paperwork needed to successfully apply for your grant, so all you need to do is pay the remaining balance. It really is as simple as that.

    Q. How much does it cost to charge an electric car?
A. Charging your electric or plug-in hybrid car can be extremely cost effective in comparison to the petrol or diesel vehicles you are accustomed to. Charging your car at home is a great convenience, however you may be worried about how much it costs to charge your car after each use.

Compared to common petrol or diesel cars, electric cars are cheap to run. Looking at the topic from a cost-per-mile basis, a full electric vehicle could cost a third (or less) of what a traditional petrol or diesel car might cost. Hybrid vehicles can also be considerably cheaper to run than traditional fuels by combining an electric motor with an efficient petrol or diesel engine.

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